Blurring the lines between reality and alter-existence.

About Us

We are Rotten Visions. An innovative team aiming to breathe life into the forgotten, neglected and decaying video game industry. Join us to help shape the future of gaming. Currently we are 2 people with 3 freelancers we rely on to help us realize the best video game experiences possible.


Alfred Burns

Lead Game Director

Lead Game Programmer

After majoring in Electrical engineering at a school in New York, Alfred realized that this was not one of the paths for him. He dropped everything to move back across the country to California to major in Computer Science. He knew his calling was in programming and computers, though life did not take him down this path. After being fed up with working in the Online Marketing sector, he decided it was time for a change. Frustrated with the current offerings of his favorite genre, survival games, he made it his mission to breathe some much needed life back into the decaying industry. Armed with just his wit and his keyboard, he programs the entirety of the current project so far. He has spent countless hours testing the many systems their game introduces. Using Unity3D and Visual Studio, he has created many systems such as the networking, AI, UI, and fundamental game mechanics, much of which are original innovations. He hopes one day his creations are experienced to a positive degree.

Utilizes: Unity3D, Visual Studio Pro


Dounia Rathbone

Lead Game Designer

Lead 3D Artist

Lead Rigger / Animator

Dounia started her career late, just 3 years ago when she realized she wanted to change the gaming atmosphere and no one else was up to the challenge. She waited for countless games to prove her wrong but each one only brought disappointment  She realized that the gaming industry had changed. No longer were game developers interested in innovating and creating great titles that resonated with their audience, they were only interested in one thing: profit. With little to no budget she knew she could find at least a small audience that wanted a great title, one they would remember for many years to come. This title would not be fueled by greed, but by passion. She taught herself everything she knows in the 3D art realm with video tutorials, twitch streams from other artists, and the one solid learning tool – practice. She became proficient in many programs, including ZBrush, Maya, Mari, and Houdini to name a few. She learned high-poly to low-poly workflow, utilizing UV space to the fullest and realistic PBR texturing. She is learning constantly every day and she strives to make her art assets shine in the best way possible.

Utilizes: ZBrush, Maya, Mari